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Photo of Rhiannon, she has short brown hair and it's wearing a colourful scarf


As an eclectic artist who creates in many mediums, Rhiannon Poley explores expression and emotion. Her artistic skills have come through years of self teaching, short courses, and on-the-job experience; from make-up artistry to creative communications. Having suffered from debilitating anxiety caused by undiagnosed ADHD until her mid 30s, she has now come out the other side with a huge understanding of how creativity needs to be a main feature of her life and not a side-hustle. Rhiannon’s also a Melbourne based, experienced marketer, having worked in the video game industry and currently creating compelling comms with Regional Arts Victoria, supporting artists throughout Victoria.

Having pushed art aside for many years, my focus is now living and creating with authenticity.  Being an artist is the real me and I am grateful to be finally embracing it with my whole being. My current work is a diverse mix of digital, acrylic and pencil. The pieces are made to invoke emotion and awe, as much for myself as for others.

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